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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cold-pressed juice?
Cold pressing is a decades-old method of extracting liquid from plants without denaturing enzymes or breaking down nutrients by using high levels of heat or oxygen. Our hydraulic presses coax every colourful, delicious drop of liquid out of the plant while keeping its health-giving properties intact, producing live juice that stays fresh for up to 72 hours. We also avoid centrifugal juicing, which is a method that relies on a metal blade spinning at great speed against a mesh filter, separating the juices of fruit and vegetable from solids. This method not only extracts juice that is less dense with vitamins, minerals and enzymes than cold-pressed juice, but the spinning blade brings high temperatures and oxidation into the equation, changing the juice’s chemistry and hastening its deterioration.
Why does juice only last for three days?
Our juice is fresh. It does not contain any preservatives and it has not been pasteurized. Though this is great for our bodies, this leaves our juice highly perishable. Drink up!
Where do you get your ingredients?
We work with local suppliers as often as we can. When that is not an option (it’s tricky to find local pineapples in March), we are careful to source our ingredients from suppliers who care as much about the quality of their produce and the size of their environmental footprint as we do.
Fruit juice is bad for you because it’s full of sugar. Is that true?
This is true of many of the processed juices you will find at the grocery store, which contain little to none of the natural goodness of the fruit and vegetables from which they derive, but all of the sugar (and often more added on top of that)! That is not the case with our juice. The naturally occurring sugars in the juices that we extract from our ingredients with our hydraulic presses are accompanied by the live enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals that you would get from eating the raw fruit or vegetable, which offer you a lot more than a quick rush.
Why cleanse?
Cleansing is a way of clearing the toxic clutter from your system, and pressing reset. Even if you’re already careful to avoid processed foods and drinks, stress and pollution can wreak havoc on your system, clouding both your body and your mind. A cleanse can help you flush out the toxins that build up inside you over time. Done properly, this can improve your digestion and charge you with renewed (and renewable) energy. It can also help you take stock of your current nutritional habits, and determine where there is room for improvement. You should emerge from your cleanse clear-headed, light on your feet, and with a new spring in your step.
Can anyone cleanse?
We must first emphasize that we are not doctors. We do not offer medical advice of any kind, nor do we offer medically supervised cleanses. If you have a medical condition or are on prescription medication, we strongly advise that you consult your doctor before considering a cleanse. We do not recommend cleansing if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18 years of age. Beyond that, the decision to cleanse or not to cleanse is a personal one. Listen to your body, and do what feels right for you.
How often should I cleanse?
Again, the answer to this question is entirely personal. Some people feel that a multiple-day cleanse each month, or even a single-day cleanse each week, helps them feel their best. Others prefer to cleanse once a season or once a year. There is no right answer, but some experimentation can help you determine what’s right for you.
How should I prepare for my cleanse?
We recommend using the days leading up to your cleanse to prepare your body for this change by phasing out processed foods, refined flour, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and meat. It sounds draconian, we know, but the more work you do before your cleanse the easier you will find it, and the more transformative the results will be. Drink plenty of water, begin introducing one to three juices (particularly green juices) into your daily routine, and make fresh vegetables the centerpiece of each meal. Snack on nuts, and anchor your veggies with legumes and whole grains.
Will I lose weight by doing a juice cleanse?
It depends, some will and some won’t.
Should I exercise or take any precautions?
Yes, it is important to keep moving while you are cleansing, but take it easy. You may find that you have a great deal of energy, but be careful not to overdo it. Try replacing high-intensity cardio with a power walk or a swim. We particularly recommend doing yoga while cleansing; deep breathing contributes to the elimination of toxins.